Epproach Communications is now part of Comcast. Click here to learn more.

Epproach Communications is now part of Comcast. Click here to learn more.

We are redefining the apartment living experience by providing high-tech, wireless solutions for every sector of the multifamily industry.


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Our state-of-the-art solutions can transform your community.

Increase Revenue.

Differentiate your community from the competition.

Provide amenities that your residents will love.

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"Epproach is phenomenal. Their services have given us a distinct competitive advantage over our competition. We can 100% provide better WiFi service than other complexes in the area."
- Ed Newman, CEO / Summit Management Services, Inc.
"I’ve worked at several different properties where I observed the process of WiFi installation, and the Epproach installation has been by far the smoothest and easiest process I have ever been apart of. The support staff has also made it extremely simple to troubleshoot any issues we may have."
- Amy Chick, Community Director / Ardmore King's Grant Apartments
"Epproach WiFi has been amazing for EnVision and has helped to put my renewals at 25% ahead of this time last year. The customer service has been outstanding, and the conversion was seamless. I highly recommend the Epproach solution to any apartment community looking for the best possible service."
- Brandon Luck, Property Manager / EnVision Apartments
"Epproach has created a unique Smart Apartment service that can integrate with any kind of Smart product. It gives the user a simple, intuitive experience and it also gives our community an edge over the competition."
- Peter Rosecrans, Jr., President / Burns Management
“Epproach provides dedicated 24/7 support direct to the residents, which frees up our staff to focus on their primary responsibilities of caring for residents. The support the team at Epproach has provided, from installation to service after the fact, has been phenomenal.”
- Rick Hatch, Director of Technology / Friends’ Homes of Greensboro
"Epproach promised to provide the best service for the best price, a smooth transition for our residents and great follow up service. They followed through 100%. After years of frustrating WiFi and disappointing service, Epproach solved all of our WiFi issues. Our experience with Epproach has been amazing, and we are incredibly pleased with every aspect of the service they have provided."
- Bethany Guthrie, Property Manager / Sea Coast Suites